About Us

About Us

Our strategic goal is to provide technological services according
to international standards in the ICT sector of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Our team has been successfully implementing advanced IT projects to develop, implement, support and promote integrated information systems and automation facilities for enterprises in the Republic of Uzbekistan for 14 years.

We do this thanks to:

  • Coordinated work of the team of certified specialists having many-year experience in implementing integration projects;
  • Individual approach to a customer, which allows us choosing an optimal solution for specific tasks of organization;
  • Long-term partnership relations with global manufacturers that allow us successfully adapting and implementing in Uzbekistan solutions, which have already proven themselves in the best way at similar companies throughout the world, taking into account specific features of our region.
  • Expera Inform Engineering is the leading integrator of comprehensive solutions in IT market of Uzbekistan in the following areas:

  • Design and building of high-performance data centers, including high-assurance cluster systems and data banks;
  • Comprehensive solutions to build corporate information systems;
  • Formation of concepts for business processes automation and preparation of feasibility studiy reports for projects;
  • Solutions to optimize and manage business processes, and to integrate corporate information;
  • Implementation of business applications and information systems to monitor and manage the Company’s assets, human resources, financial accounting and reporting, including BI, CPM, ERP and CRM;
  • Implementation of data transmission systems and ensuring information security of all implemented systems;
  • IT consulting.
  • Expera Inform Engineering actively co-operates with a wide range of customers throughout the Republic of Uzbekistan in the following areas:

  • Banking sector;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Government authorities and agencies;
  • Industrial sector;
  • If you have any question, please, contact with us.


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    How long does it take to get actionable information from your systems?

    There's a reason it's called BIG data. You've got masses of information available in your IT environment, but chances are it's siloed in disparate systems. The task of isolating pertinent information when you need it and where you need it can be a BIG challenge!
    For many companies, dealing with siloed data sources means dealing with:

  • Several versions of the truth
  • Minimal or poor reporting solutions
  • Inability to view multiple sources of data on a consolidated interface
  • Difficulty reading, interpreting or applying data to drive necessary outcomes

  • Gathering and interpreting your data can be like trying to put a puzzle together. When you only have one or two pieces, there's no way you can see the big picture. When you can't see the big picture, then interpreting and applying the information becomes next to impossible.

    Expera Inform Engineering can provide the means to integrate disparate data sources through an essential data warehouse repository so both the business and IT can visualize and understand data. We'll start with a roadmap personalized for your business, so you can visualize where you are on the analytics continuum, and where you need to be.

    With the right Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics tools, you can get to one version of the truth for the entire organization to leverage.

    Better BI means better business decisions

    Preparing your data for consumption is one of the most difficult and time-consuming challenges. And leveraging that same data for different parts of the organization is critical to improving operational efficiencies and driving better business outcomes.
    Properly organizing and managing your data can save money and stop the headaches that comes with managing data manually. Incorporating the right BI tools gives you intelligent insights and puts you in complete control of your own destiny.

  • Free up significant time and resources
  • Use a simplified user interface with automated data reporting
  • Gain better insight faster on your customers
  • Use your data to drive change

  • Expera Inform Engineering can help find the right big data solution to suit your environment and requirements. Let our BI experts show you how to translate "IT speak" to "business speak" so you can quickly and efficiently use your data to yield the best possible business outcomes.

    Visualize new ways to engage customers with an enhanced digital experience

    In today's marketplace, customers, employees and business partners expect to easily engage with an organization at anytime from anywhere. A poor experience can reflect badly on the brand, undermine sales and marketing efforts – and ultimately cause a user to go elsewhere.

    With the explosive use of mobile technology, providing a seamless digital experience can mean the difference between a sale and an empty shopping cart. Does your digital experience include design, customer usability, mobility, commerce and applications that optimize your online presence across numerous devices or platforms?

    With the right technology and expert implementation, organizations can create tighter relationships with stakeholders and build better brand loyalty.

    Bring your digital vision to life with help from Expera Inform Engineering

    Expera Inform Engineering 's digital services enhance user experiences so customers don't feel the need to shop anywhere else. Our digital experts can help you provide a digital experience that:

    • Shortens time to market
    • Improves the user experience
    • Strengthens customer relationships
    • Provides resource agility
    • Accelerates a cost-conscious transformation
    • Capitalizes on market opportunities
    • Provides a level of autonomy to react to market demand without delay

    Using an end-to-end understanding of the issues you're encountering and an analysis of your enterprise readiness to respond, Expera Inform Engineering marries agency-like-expertise and deep technical knowledge to identify and deliver comprehensive digital strategies and frameworks. The output is in a true omni-channel digital experience worthy of your brand.

    Expera Inform Engineering’s technical experts offer personalized and customized care throughout the technology lifecycle continuum, so you can reduce complexity and cost without having to compromise on what you need.

    Expera Inform Engineering provides services and support across the entire the IT lifecycle value continuum.

    Using one IT asset management vendor provides flexibility, efficiency and risk mitigation from design to maturity and through to the asset's end-of-life.
  • Design – design, validate and produce custom board, system and frame level products when what's needed is beyond the capabilities of off-the-shelf products
  • Integration – configuring, integrating and installing complete compute, network and/or storage elements into multi-platform environments
  • Installation – extensive knowledge across various technology brands allows us to integrate and install solutions – remotely or on site – no matter the data center environment.
  • Maintenance – migrate to a single, global multi-vendor contract that eases management of your assets, including prolonging those at end-of-life and those coming off warrantee
  • Repair – leverage expert support for repairing at the integrated circuit level and returning more equipment and components to service
  • Remarket – maximize the value of your existing IT assets to insert back into your budget for upgrades and migrations
  • Refurbish – extend the life of your assets by refurbishing and redeploying them back into your environment
  • Recycle – retire excess and obsolete IT equipment with peace of mind knowing it's been sanitized of all data, recycled and disposed of at the highest industry and environmental standards
  • Technology Assistance Center (TAC) – use our team of certified technicians and engineers as your own with Level 1-3 support technical assistance and call center support available 24/7
  • Logistics – inventory, delivery and supply logistics management that save time and money and reduce risk
  • Financing and Leasing Services – free up cash flow with a variety of financing options, as well as rental programs, swing gear and buy backs options

  • Capitalize on cost-savings for your business by using personalized care and attention that's right for your infrastructure and your assets.

    Increase asset value and return with IT asset management services

    Purchasing and maintaining IT assets can sometimes feel like an uphill battle with many hidden and overlooked challenges along the way.
    Are you managing multiple vendors to do the following?

  • Design and install new products
  • Integrate products and solutions into existing data environments
  • Provide maintenance and repair services
  • Refurbish, or remarket older assets
  • Refurbish, or remarket older assets
  • Upgrade or move your data center
  • Finance all the pieces
  • When it comes to dealing with IT asset management – it can be overwhelming!
    Simplify and streamline this with one source for services that covers the entire IT lifecycle continuum. Expera Inform Engineering 's IT lifecycle management business model can reduce complexity and create additional value for your business by providing a full complement of IT asset management services and best practices all from a single source.

    Businesses count on IT teams to deliver high quality services using key applications and technologies. This includes spending time and resources to:

  • Manage hardware availability
  • Change or configure process or resource allocation
  • Monetize applications
  • Allocate compute and storage space, and know how much space you'll really need
  • Acquire necessary tools and processes, and understand how to use them and when

  • Continuing to deploy multiple management tools with limited user interfaces, workflows and with no ability to automate actions across these management products creates complexity.

    When disparate systems lengthen your IT process, you may think your only options are tedious workarounds or to perform a rip-and-replace of your environment. Think again!

    Leverage existing assets and IT operations management tools for a pragmatic, vendor-agnostic solution

    IT operations management tools bring automation and orchestration to existing infrastructures, reduce manual processes and lower costs while laying the foundation for data center transformation. Using these tools helps close process gaps and inefficiencies, and saves time and money.

    Maximize the benefit and value you get from your technology investments with complete IT operations management services from Expera Inform Engineering.

    Reduce security and compliance risks with end-to-end infrastructure solutions

    Data breaches and cyber-attacks are becoming more prevalent every day. Many companies lack resources or facilities to identify and assess security gaps. However, high-end security consulting is expensive and it's hard to tell if your entire infrastructure is truly covered – end-to-end.

    Securing data from mobile to cloud, as well as devices and endpoints throughout your entire organization requires trusted IT security and compliance solutions. From cyber security frameworks, to data integrity and authenticity, to governance and risk management, every device and location throughout your organization needs to be protected.

    Get a holistic, integrated and flexible security solution under one roof by leveraging Expera Inform Engineering 's unique mix of IP and extensive network of top technology partners.

    Close security gaps in your IT infrastructure… before it's too late

    Expera Inform Engineering can provide tailored assessments and health checks to identify security gaps and help prevent breaches in your data and access management systems, network and endpoint environments, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems or security frameworks.
    Let our experts prepare the most cost-effective, secure, compliant, and agile information security management strategy based specifically on your company's needs. That way, you can maintain complete regulatory and IT security compliance and peace of mind by knowing you've got end-to-end information security protection.



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